Crafty Crew

Resident enrichment is an important value on our campus. Keeping residents engaged in activities helps to keep them active, both physically and mentally. It also aids in daily entertainment and increasing quality of life. They gain a sense of independence and positive self-image as well. There are many, many activities planned in a month (see the Monthly Activity Calendars in the “News” section every month on our website and in the “Upcoming Events” section of our newsletter). Danielle Smith, Director of Resident Services is the one who coordinates the schedule and comes up with ideas for activities. Something new that she has implemented since she began are two activity groups – the Crafty Crew and the Baking Club (look for the article with all the details about Baking Club in next month’s newsletter!).

The Crafty Crew came about because “the residents don’t really like to do the “old school, typical arts and crafts,” so I have been trying to think of more creative things to make that they would enjoy,” says Danielle. Crafts that have come to life include sugar scrub bars (see details below) and next month – Easter centerpieces for our tables.

Sugar Scrub Bars

This unique idea’s instructions are included here if you would like to make them yourself. The sugar scrub bars were made and then hardened in the molds for a few days. This was something for fun for the residents to make and provided a purpose – all of the ladies at the Valentine’s Party received one as a gift. Residents Marney Henke and LaVonne Fritz helped Danielle make them. They both said that they “really enjoyed it!” Check out the cute pics below, including the finished product!