Cardinal Care Program

Cardinal Care Program

Submitted by Renee Tatzel, Director of Resident Services

When the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center moved to their new facility in October 2011, it took many hands to help with the move.   And most of those hands came from the Spring Valley High School students.  It was wonderful to see all the interaction between the students and the residents.

Because of that day, a new and exciting program developed.  Many of the students wanted to come back and visit with residents they had met.  Spring Valley High School Principal, Gretchen Cipriano, and Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center Director of Resident Services, Renee Tatzel, met with students to talk about starting the program.

Students came up with the name Cardinal Care for the program. Since the spring of 2012 at least twenty students per semester have taken part in the program with residents.  Many of the students start when they are freshmen and continue through their senior year. During the visits, laughter and lots of talking can be heard, games are played, and friendships are formed. This fall students will again be taking part in this wonderful program.

The fun has even trickled down to the Spring Valley Elementary School. Once a school year, each elementary class comes, and they do a program.  Eighth graders at the High School/Middle School have participated as well. Small groups came last year and did a project with residents. We are so pleased that this program has been a success and hope to see it grow as the years go on! Enjoy some pictures from the program below!