A young adult woman takes a selfie using a selfie stick with an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Careers at Spring Valley Senior Living and Health Care Campus

At the Spring Valley Senior Living and Health Care Campus, residents inspire us as much as we inspire them. When you’re part of our team, you have all the support and resources you need to focus on residents and your career goals. Explore a career with us today!

The Spring Valley Senior Living and Health Care Campus rewards our team members with competitive salaries, a full selection of benefits including paid time off, paid holidays, flexible scheduling, and more.

If you need assistance completing an application, please contact us at 715-778-5545 or via email.

I Have Never Hated Coming to Work

I love the people I work with and love talking to residents. I also love working so close to home and my flexibility. Our facility is so welcoming and kind. It feels like family. Everyone here is awesome. Kevin is the best person to work for. I consider him my friend. I have never hated coming to work. I just love our friendly atmosphere.

Stacey Wildner

Very Highly Recommended!

Very nice facility, knowledgeable staff, clean environment. Very highly recommended!

Lydiah Getui

42 Years Strong

I have always enjoyed my job at the nursing home. People have asked me if I don’t get tired of the same job, doing the same thing over and over but I tell them every day is a new day and new experience. No two days are ever the same, and at the end of the day when I leave I feel I did the best job I could to make my residents days complete.

Peggy Lynum, LPN

A Wonderful Place to Live and Work!

A Wonderful Place to Live and Work!

Linda Knapp

Friendly and Flexible

I love how friendly all my coworkers are and how willing they are to help me. I also love how nice and friendly the residents are. Everyone is so welcoming. Everyone acts like family. My job is so flexible.

Jenna Wildner

Awesome Co-workers!

With all of the up’s and down’s through out the years I am so glad I applied here! 4 year anniversary of working here-thanks you guys for being awesome co-workers!


Wonderful Work Experience

I am very thankful to have had a wonderful work experience here at Spring Valley Health and Rehab. I sincerely appreciate the job opportunity that was given to me as a teenager in high school. In addition allowing me to continue to move up the chain, and allowing me to start my nursing career here. Without it I would not be able to be where I am today. The nurses, aides, and other staff have been nothing but wonderful to me inside and outside of work. They are all very devoted to caring for others, and it is seen in their work. They have set the standard for me in what it means to be a good nurse, aide, and caregiver to my patients. I am incredibly thankful for the past three and a half years I have spent working here, I could never ask for a better team.

Andrea Jo Davis, RN