Staff Christmas Party Round-up

Submitted by Patti Edwards, Administrative Business Coordinator

2021 has come and gone, but we were very grateful to be able to end it with a staff Christmas Party at a nice venue, thanks to the generous gifts of a few incredible donors! We had it on a night that we anticipated our highest possible turn-out and in a location that was very comfortable, and everyone could easily find. It was beautiful and cozy with wonderful decorations and great food.

We enjoyed each other’s company and our stories detailing how we made it through last year’s events. Some of the staff that retired last year were also able to attend. It was good to reminisce and relax, along with playing a gift game and enjoying a round of drinks on our favorite maintenance guy!

It was a difficult year, and this party helped to get our focus on better things to come. Thank you all SO MUCH for your faithful support during these tough times. You don’t know how very much you are appreciated! We hope to be able to continue serving Spring Valley and the surrounding area for many years to come. Happy New Year everyone!