Calling All Satisfied Clients-We Need Your Help!

Have you been a satisfied family member of one of our resident’s or a satisfied resident yourself? If so, we would appreciate your help! We are looking for testimonials or reviews from people who have had a great experience with us! They will be featured on our website, social media, and/or in other marketing materials.

We want to hear your stories about the experiences you have had with us- what it was like, what you liked about it, comments about the facility, staff, amenities, etc. These types of stories are important for us to communicate our strengths to future clients. People can read the information from descriptions on our website, but to hear it in a real person’s own words is incredibly impactful! If you wish to have your name or your family member’s name omitted from the review, we would happily do that before we would use it.

You can drop it off or mail it to our location (S830 Westland Drive, Spring Valley, WI 54767) or email it to If you do choose to write something up for us, we would also appreciate if you could post it on our Facebook page as a review (towards the top of the page where it says “Reviews” and has the stars next to it). We don’t have any on our page yet and we would love some! We appreciate any and all feedback-thank you in advance for your help.