Renee’s Retirement Farewell Message

“It is with a lot of sadness, joy and wonder that I have decided to retire after just over 32 years of working at the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center.  I have been asked what will I remember about my time here and my answer will always be the same: the residents.  They have become part of my family.  Having been here as long as I have, I now see residents here whose parents we had here in the past.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers who have been a tremendous help over the years.  Many of them I feel I can call my friends.

To the great staff we have had in the past and the great staff we have now, I will miss all of you.

From the beginning I was made to feel so welcomed; not only at the facility, but in the community of Spring Valley.  You have truly made me feel at home.  I have always said and will continue to say that Spring Valley has a strong bond and really cares about other community members.  I know this because I have experienced this first hand. I may not have been born here, but I feel at home.

The residents, families, volunteers and staff are all members of my extended family.

I have been truly blessed to have been a part of the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center family for all these years.”

-Renee Tatzel

Renee’s last day is July 3rd. Please stop by and wish her well if you can before her last day!