Treated Like Family

When I was greeted by the administrator, Kevin Larson, coming down the sidewalk of the nursing home to assist me in admitting my sweet mother into the nursing Home, I knew then that it was the perfect place. With a big smile, kind words and gentle hand Kevin helped me bring mom to her new home.

We were immediately embraced with smiles, hugs, kindness and the gentle manner of the nurses. With their help I felt I was doing the very best for our dear Mom. They guided us to her new room and gave us all the support we needed to make the transition for mom flawless.

In months to come we had many hurdles with Mom, the nursing staff, kitchen staff/cleaning staff, activities staff administrative staff and volunteers, were always there for questions, holding hands, hugs, or whatever we may have needed. They were all so very professional and always sensitive to our concerns.

As time went on there were many times I would see the staff hug mom and kiss her gently on the forehead. They truly loved our Mother and it showed.

She always got the best of care, they encouraged her to be involved in whatever was going on and always made her feel special. I never once heard a harsh word to any resident in all of the visits I made over the 2 1/2 years I visited. You could tell it was one big happy family.

The environment was always peaceful, with employees and volunteers moving about doing their tasks and never a complaint was heard, and even if they were busy they always had time to say hi or answer a question or help with whatever we may have needed.

If I had a period of time that I could not get over to see mom, they would remind me that they would take good care of her and not to worry. This was so calming to me , as our life was also busy with kids and grandkids activities. Up until the day our sweet Mother passed, the staff was there for us. They laughed and cried with us. I experienced. nurses coming in after their shifts to check on Mom in her dying days. They had tears along with us. When Mom joined our heavenly father a nurse came in and stood with us and cried with us.

I could have never asked for a better place for our mother to spend her last days. I never had to worry about if she would be fed,clothed,entertained,bathed or loved. It is so obvious when you enter into the SVHCC that the employees and volunteers are gifted in what they do, they love our family like we do. I thank the SVHCC for the years of great care and Love they gave our Mother. We are truly blessed having you in our community.